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World Wide Roofing and Construction offers our customers complete insulation services. In keeping with the "build green" theme, WWRC features Cellulose Insulation applications. Manufactured in Anchorage, Alaska, cellulose is readily available year round. With our factory certified applicators and state-of-the-art equipment, WWRC provides quality, monolithic thermal and acoustical barrier insulation to the building industry.

Cellulose insulation is an inherently recycled material with approximately 85% recovered content. Most of the recovered content of cellulose insulation is post-consumer waste. In addition, cellulose insulation has low embodied energy less than 50 BTU/lb which results in less air pollution from the manufacturing process and greater energy efficiency.

Cellulose insulation is easily blown into attics and new construction walls. Insulating walls with cellulose insulation provides a seamless air tight, fire resistant wall cavity. Cellulose insulation provides the safest, most comfortable environment that any insulation can bring to a structure. Cellulose completely fills each cavity, sealing around pipes, electrical wiring and other obstructions. Sound travels the same path as air, therefore seamless cellulose insulation provides outstanding sound control.

No more gaps - No more voids - No more drafts

Cellulose consumers enjoy lower energy bills because of the increased energy efficiency of walls insulated with cellulose. Tests show that cellulose insulation tightens a structure 36 to 38% more than conventional insulation. Cellulose insulation has been found to be up to 55% more fire resistant than conventional insulation material. Recent ASTM ratings show cellulose with a 0 smoke developed rating as well as 0 flame spread. In today's more and more crowded living conditions, the cellulose consumer enjoys outstanding sound deadening capabilities.

If you want insulation that's best for the environment, best for out state and best for your pocketbook, Choose Cellulose.

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